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The deacons of Living Word Community Church play a vital role in our church body. These appointed men and women of Christ serve the church in any area of need that might arise. Because of these duties, Deacons must be committed and faithful, and be of character that will be a positive reflection on our church. As one of the church’s most important ambassadors, they must be prepared to assist the church in any way needed.



We’re here to demonstrate the love of Christ through service. We have a heart to work and we’re proud to be servants for Christ. In addition to caring for our church family and visitors, we work with other ministries within our church to help ensure that our pastor’s vision is carried out. We’re always looking for people with a heart to serve.


Membership services

We are the ‘customer service center’ of the church. Our goal is to meet the spiritual needs of our church body by encouraging growth and unity among our congregation. We’re also there to provide comfort during times of sickness and bereavement. Our efforts don’t stop there. New members have always held a special place in our hearts, so we go to great lengths to make them feel welcome and apart of our family. Upon joining our church, new members are signed up for our class, New Beginnings: Foundational Principles. And because we want to get to know our new members even better, we hold special receptions every month in their honor where they can meet with ministry leaders and learn about our various programs.



We offer spiritual counseling to those who in need. These sessions are conducted by designated counselors who are fully qualified to offer Scripture, advice, guidance and referral as necessary. In addition, we provide pre- and post-marital counseling. This special one-on-one time is meant to supply couples with a comfortable, loving forum where they can seek guidance and solace.

Pastoral Care

We supply support to the pastor and his family. We are there to ensure that the pastor’s needs are met during weekly services, events and other times of fellowship. We make sure that everyone is on their post when it comes to caring for our pastor. We understand that by lifting up our pastor; we help enrich our church body.