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The Youth leaders actively minister to the teenage and young adult groups on how to develop and foster a loving and long lasting relationship with the Lord. They are taught “God’s Plan of Salvation” and other spiritual principles in language that they understand and accept, in a ministry that is sensitive to their needs, wants and desires, and challenges their way of life. Building strong relationships with the youths through the Word of God influences their decisions, behavior, family and peer interaction, and others.


Young Stars

This ministry teaches girls ages 7 to 17 how to conduct themselves as young ladies of class, distinction and Godly culture. Activities are geared toward instilling Christ-centered morals and values; enhancing etiquette and social skills; and encouraging academic excellence. Throughout the year, we put on special programs for the church to showcase our young ladies’ talent, intellect, and anointing. It’s important to our ministry that they are given the opportunity to let their light shine brightly for all to see.


Armed and Ready

Like the title says, we want our boys ages 7 to 17 armed and ready with the Word to take on life’s many challenges. It’s never too early to start instilling in them the tools needed to be successful, God-fearing men. We have mentors that will help guide our young men along this journey. And, we also offer activities that will stimulate and foster their growth in the Word. These activities culminate each year with an inspiring ‘Rights of Passage’ ceremony.