Meet Stephanie Beard


Pastor Stephanie Beard is a woman of uncompromising faith. As a carrier of  the Word of God, she is delighted to speak life into God’s precious people wherever the assignment. Stephanie is known for sending P.S. Mail messages of inspiration, encouragement and hope to  women she meets along her journey through life.

Stephanie’s walk with Christ began as a young girl inspired by her grandmother’s unwavering faith. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry from Belmont University and began teaching the Word of God in Sunday School, Women’s Ministry, and from the pulpit at Living Word Community Church.

She is inspired daily by the Word of God and in worship to live a “Principled Godly Life.” As a community leader, she serves as the Community Engagement Leader for Living Word Community Church, on the YMCA Association Christian Emphasis Committee, Community Facilitator, and Spiritual Advisor for Restore Ministries. Additionally, she is the Founder and Chief Strategist for the Servant Leadership Institute of Learning, birthed out Living Word Community Church, whose purpose is to train ministry leaders throughout the United States. Stephanie is also the past chairperson for the Brentwood YMCA Christian Emphasis Committee Stephanie is currently working towards a doctoral degree in Leadership and Learning in Organizations with a focus on Spiritual, Emotional, Business, and Digital Intelligence.

During her downtime, she enjoys spending time on the beach with her husband and sharing in precious moments with family and friends. She is passionate about wellness and enjoys pilates, indoor cycling, strength and conditioning training, and hanging out at local wellness speciality stores.

Pastor Stephanie is loyal and committed to God and His people. Beside her husband, Pastor Rodney E. Beard Sr, she supports his pastoring of The Living Word Community Church in Antioch, TN. Their mission is to “empower generations” to believe, live, and be a representation of Jesus Christ in the