P.S. Mail: Using Words to Create Change

Words are “a unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation that function as a principal carrier of meaning.” Our words have deep meaning and express a string of thoughts we have embedded in our minds. Words express what is truly in the heart. In Luke 6:45, Jesus said,“ A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”

God uses the power of His language to create (Genesis1), and His words are continuously manifesting in the earth realm. He speaks with absolute power that whatever He says will “be” and it is “good.” I speak in present tense when referring to God’s Word because it continuously creates. He is Master of the universe, the Creator of heaven, earth and every existing thing in it. God is sovereign, in control of His word and it’s both powerful, and perfect. God’s words are healing for every brokenness, sickness and disease, hardships, and troubles.

It’s perplexing to imagine how human beings can align our thoughts with His majesty and power to use spoken words to create good? Unfortunately, for so many of us, we are victims of harsh words. Verbal abuse is so common in families, marriages, the church, at work, and in community with others. It’s no wonder that the people of God struggle to simply exist every day. The words hurled at us are poisonous and eroding of the mind and soul while diminishing our abilities to create good. If we are truthful, our thought life needs more healing than our physical bodies. The words that play out in our minds are as equally damaging as those that are spoken to us.

Let me encourage you today, that you can stop the clamoring noise in the mind by replacing the words that we say. We become what we say. We are what we believe. Like any damaging situation, it will not disappear overnight, but you can start the demise of eroding words and thoughts by consciously replacing them with the Word of God. The Bible is filled with good words to store in our hearts, and it will eventually become the principal carrier of truth and meaning. All other lies about who you are will roll off like rain pellets.

Believe that you are worth more than rubies and gold. Believe that you have the strength to overcome every negative thought and emotion that surfaces. Believe that you are chosen for good things as an ambassador of Christ. Say what you believe and eventually, you will become what you say. The more you say the Words of the Lord, the more the negative words will be replaced with the thoughts of God for you

Let us not be given over to evil through words stored up in the heart. It is for our good that we submit ourselves to the truth of God’s word and make it our language of choice for change. We will then experience the manifestation of His glory in every situation and circumstance through our words.