Powerful Bridge into 2019

The New Year’s Eve Service was a powerful bridge into 2019! The Worship Team, led by Angel Sanford carried us into a heavily realm to “Break Every Chain” in the name of Jesus. The LWCC Elders and Ministers followed the worship with an on-time word. Pastor Beard gave a dynamic charge for 2019 that was followed by a prophetic word from Thalia Wakefiled.

Following is a re-cap of the evening with a few highlights that will bless you.

“Repentance is spiritual cleansing. Repent! Receive God’s new mercies everyday” — Minister Kerry Williams

“Jesus died so that we could live. Salivation is a gift from God” — Elder Sheila Simpson

“We must have faith in what God says in His Word, if we believe it, there will be a performance” — Elder Felicia Sims

“How often do we take the time to appreciate the gift of Grace?” — Minister Tiana Reeves

“When bitterness enters your heart, there is no room for compassion” — Minister Alan Alexander

“Be methodical about your Prayer life. Get up every day and enter your prayer closet and spend time with the Lord before you start your day” — Minister-elect Joseph Woodson

“Be committed to the vision. Find the two, the Joshua’s and Caleb’s in the ministry, and connect with them while leaving the eight naysayers. Walk towards the promised land” — Elder-elect K.C Martin

Pastor Rodney Beard capped off the exhorted word by exercising his mandated “spiritual authority” over the house. “God’s mandate is to subdue and to have dominion. This will be the year of God’s perfect order and we have the authority to do it. We have the power of God on our side and because of His delegated authority; we have been qualified to handle it all. Take spiritual authority over your life!

There was an anointing flowing from heaven. The evening ended with Thalia Wakefield giving a Prophetic Word charging us to “recover”! The Lord is saying He will recover all that has been taken from us or lost in our families, health, finances, spiritual abandonment, careers and relationships. This is the year of repentance and recovery. His love for us is greater than us. Find yourself in His love and recover.”