First time visitor? We worship God each Sunday at 10 a.m. You are invited to join us.

You are welcome here!

Have you discovered that the journey to building a relationship with God is a lifelong pursuit? Regardless of where you are on this path — taking your first steps, stumbling in your steps or on a strong biblical path, the members of Living Word are just like you. We have a place for and you are invited to join us any Sunday at 10 a.m.

Our ministry assignment is to show real love, engage in real praise and worship and teach the real Bible Word. We are committed to being true worshippers, consistent believers, and loyal followers of Jesus Christ. We want to show the love of Jesus Christ and be a bridge of love that connects us all His Spirit

Our worship is pure and unrushed in the presence of the Lord. Our teaching is based upon the Word of God — only and intensively — because it is the real truth.

Our philosophy is to connect with those who don’t know God, but want to know Him and His way. We aim to communicate the Word of God clearly and concisely and unite this message with a love and belief in the gospel.

You are welcomed here.